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Work Safe: The Need For Welding Helmet

When working with steel production especially during mechanical procedure such as welding, safety should always be one top priority.  In welding, along with other equipment, welding helmet is one of the most important.  Why is there a need for welding helmet?

Definitely for safety purposes on the following:

Safety In the Eyes

Helmets are often the best line when it comes to safety procedure in welding.  In such activity, infrared radiation is always a danger and is believed to be one of the causes of retinal burning and cataracts.  Welding arcs give off strong radiation which may cause welder’s flash and sometimes permanent eye diseases.  When buying a welding helmet, take note that such equipment comes in different sizes for user’s convenience. Find more interesting information about Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Reviews (Buying Guide 2019) here.

Head Safety

In your head, your eyes are not the only parts that has to be protected but the entire head.  Sparks, excess heat, and particles that may fly in the air can cause injury in the workplace.

Differences in choosing the right welding helmets

There are two kinds of welding helmets to choose from: regular lenses and auto-darkening lenses.  Regular lenses uses UV  and IR coated glass with a fixed shade.  It is worn in upright position until when the torch is in position.  When it’s ready to be used, the welder nods his head and snaps the helmet and lens into position.

Auto darkening lenses on the other hand cone on a helmet which never has to be worn higher on the head.  The lenses automatically detect a lit arc, and adjust the lens shade only when it is necessary.  When there’s no arc, they go back to the dull lens where you can easily see through.  Such kind of helmet is often far more convenient for long term welding projects.