Ways To Get Access With Apps And Games Downloader

Alright! You’ve been using Google Play Store all your life in installing apps since the day you had your Android phone.  Maybe because, it’s the only thing introduced to you or it’s every Android’s pre-installed app for downloading and installing other apps. 

Hey! Did you know that aside from Play Store, you can actually get access to the different apps and games without using Play Store.  Yes! Me too, I’m surprised!  There are manufacturers of cheap Android phone who were not able to secure permit and were not certified from Google, thus, restricting them to include Play Store.  Still, these phones can get access with the different apps and games without the need for Play Store.

So, what are exactly the things that you can do and find in order to get access with apps and games downloader aside from using Play Store?

Different Apps and Games Downloader

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Google Play App

This is what you’ve been using since the day you owned an Android Phone.  It’s actually the primary way for Android to install games and applications both for free and with pay.  When you buy and Android Phone, it’s pre-installed in the device so you can readily create an account and get started with downloading.

APK Downloader

APK stands for Android Package Kit and this allows you to install games and app which are no longer found in Play Store.  You can also use such downloader to re-install Google Play Store if you accidentally deleted it.

Sideloading Apps

Still, this app allows you to install apps and games outside Google Play Store.  Using Google Chrome, search and download Sideloading Apps and install it on your phone.  Take note of some possible restrictions when you do the installing as your device may be preventing the phone from viruses.